How do I share my website, PDF file, HTML / SCORM file, images or video for commenting?

You can easily upload your content as Website, PDF, HTML/SCORM, Images, Video format at zipBoard. To share them,

1. Navigate to the desired project. 

2. Click the Files and Urls tab under contents on the left-hand side menu.

3. Click the ADD link.

4. Choose the 'URL/PDF/HTML/SCORM(ZIP)/IMAGE/VIDEO' option and add the required details in ADD tab prompted.

5. Click 'Add' to proceed.

6. Now you have three options to share:

a. You can also share the content with the external audience. Clicking the share button you get a shareable link with chosen permissions. You can share this link with anyone using any social media. Anyone with this link would be able to browse and review the shared file/website.

Select Added file -- >  'share'

b. You can click the 'Start Review' button to browse the content on the review board. The content is available to all your project collaborators. They can start a review session anytime to share their feedback.

Click file to be shared -- > Review --- > 'share'

c. You can also share file from FIles/Links tab --> click on 3 dots on file top right-most corner -- > 'share' 

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