How to review webpages using zipBoard

w to review webpages using zipBoard.

Follow these few simple steps to start reviewing webpages using zipBoard.
1. Create a new project and go to Files/Links section using the side panel or just simply click on 'Review Files/Links'

2. Click on the '+' button.

3. Select the 'URL' option.
4. Fill in the Details for the link, and click on the ' Add' Button.
5. Now Click on the 'Start Review' Button to get started! 
6. Click on the 'Image Capture' button to take a screenshot of the current webpage.(You need to have the zBreviewboard extension for doing this. If you don't have it installed, check out this guide before proceeding) 
7. The screenshot is now available for review! in review board page. Use the comment tool from the top toolbar and click anywhere on the screenshot to start adding comments/reviews! Simple!  
8. Upon clicking on 'Add', you can now assign it to your team members, set a priority, type or status for the task in the review.
if you want to add more screenshots, click on browse link, will navigate to the web page from there can add more. Do more with zipBoard! Check out this guide to start recording videos and annotate it using zipBoard.

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