Managing Share Links

So you've shared a file with your external collaborators but can't remember which permission level you sent to who. There's an easy way to manage the share links all in one place.

Managing Share Links

The best way to manage share links is to click on the share button of the upload that you've previously shared

In the pop-up, there will be a section at the end of the top menu that says "Share Links" . Click on it.

In the "Share Links" section you will be shown all the various types of share links that you have generated. 

Each link will be indicative a different combination of permission settings as described through the use of icons:
1. The Arrow Through a Door Icon 
This means that the recipient of the link must signup/login to their zipBoard account to access the link.

2. The Chat Bubbles Icon
This means the the recipient of the link will be able to add their own comments and annotations to the upload that has been shared with them.

3. The Eye Icon
This means that the recipient of the link will be able to view the comments and annotations of anyone else that has reviewed the upload.

If the icon is in green, that means that it is one of the permissions that have been enabled for the associated share link on the left in the Shared URL section.

Deleting Share Links

In the event that one of your share links get compromised, or you want to restrict ongoing access to an upload, you can delete it by clicking on the red trash can icon. This will delete the share link from your zipBoard project and doing so means that recipients of that share link will no longer have access via that link.

For more information see the following help guide:

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