How to Upload and Review SCORM or Valid HTML Content with zipBoard?

You can upload any Valid HTML/SCORM content to zipBoard. To upload and review content follow the steps below.

  1. Navigate to the desired project. 

  2. Click the tile with the "add content".

  1. Choose the ZIP file option and add the required details. Before uploading the zip file please ensure that the start file (index.html) is at root level in the folder hierarchy. If start file is not at the root level then please add it at the root level and zip the package again and then proceed to upload the zip file.

  1. Click "Add" to proceed.

  2. In most cases, the next view shows "Start Review" option. But sometimes when zipBoard might not be able to locate the start file; it might ask to 'add start file'. If you have uploaded a wrong file by mistake then you choose to upload the zip file again. In case you need to add the start file manually, please verify that the added start file is at root level. After successful addition of start file, it shows you the "Start Review" screen.

  1. Clicking the"Start Review" button you can browse the content on the review board. The content is available to all your project collaborators. They can start a review session anytime to share their feedback.

  1. On "Start Review" screen you have another option called 'Share'. Clicking the share button you get a shareable link with chosen permissions. You can share this link with anyone using any social media. Anyone with this link would be able to browse and review the zip file you uploaded.


If your file asked for a start file, please go here [How to Add a Start File?]

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