Getting Feedback

First, we have to invite stakeholder(Client) or guest  or collaborator to get feedback from them

Inviting a stakeholder(Client) to project to get feedback

1. Log in to zip board account from owner/Manager account

2. Navigate to Collaborator tab

3. Hit  'Add client'

4. Enter mail id and click on 'Invite'

Once after the person added as the client, they can log in from their account add feedback from the 'feedback' tab.

Inviting a guest to add feedback

1. Login With Zipboard account 

2. Select a file to be shared from the project

3. Hit 'share' link

4. Share link settings tab open-- > toggle options to share with guest

5. Email is sent to guests with link, using that link they can navigate to review and add feedback.

Adding a Collaborator to project to add feedback

1. Login from owner/manager account 

You can add collaborators using their email addresses or name (which will come as auto-suggest if you’re already associated with the person in any way on zipBoard) from collaborators tab.

2. Once collaborator is added to account, they can add feedback by login to their account from

Feedback tab --.> Add feedback link.

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