How can I get feedback on pdf content?

You can easily upload your content in pdf format at zipBoard. To gather feedback on the same,

1. Navigate to the desired project. 

2. Click the 'files and urls' tab on the left-hand side menu.

3. Click the ADD link.

4. Choose the PDF option and add the required details.

5. Click 'Add' to proceed.

6. Now you have two options:

a. You can click 'Start Review' button to browse the content on the review board. The content is available to all your project collaborators. They can start a review session anytime to share their feedback.

b. You can also share the content with the external audience. Clicking the share button you get a shareable link with chosen permissions. You can share this link with anyone using any social media. Anyone with this link would be able to browse and review the pdf.

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