So I've been given a zipBoard share link, now what?

So, someone using zipBoard has created a project and uploaded a file that they need your help with reviewing. They've sent you a share link but you're not sure what that means or what to do with it.

Share Links

Share links are a quick and easy way for zipBoard users to get feedback from their users. While all share links will give you access to view the file, they have different tiers of accessibility. 

  1. Required Signup/Login
  2. View the Document along with other reviewer's comments
  3. View the document and add your own comments.

These three settings can be combined to create 6 unique different kinds of reviewer accessibility:

The accessibility level should be provided to you by the zipBoard user who sent you the share link - when in doubt revert back to them. Click here for further information on these permissions

Using Share Links to Review Uploads

To launch your review, click on the share link. Depending on the upload type shared with you, you may be asked to download a browser plugin. 

In the event that a plugin is required, clicking on the green "Install Chrome Extension" button in the middle of your screen will launch the extension store where you can download our plugin for free. 

Once downloaded, go back to the tab that you pasted the URL in and click refresh, or relaunch the URL from the email you received. Now you should be able to see the upload, along with zipBoard's review tools in the frame. If this is your first time using zipBoard there will be a quick walkthrough explaining the tool.

Once you have finished with the onboarding messaging you're ready to start using zipBoard for your review.

The comments you make while reviewing the upload will be translated as tasks to the members of the project, all you have to do is write down what you think needs to be revised.

If you want more information on the different types of tools that zipBoard has to offer, click here.

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