What is Review Board?

ReviewBoard is a platform to view your resources and to review them simultaneously(or simultaneously share your feedback with the team)When you launch Review Board for the first time, you will see your web project open inside zipBoard along with an option to take screenshots, screen recording and/or adjust the screen resolution,

Clicking on the camera icon takes the screenshot of the visible area and switches to view to the Review mode. Once in the review mode, you can toggle back to browse mode using the browse button next to the camera icon. For more options, when in the review mode, see image below:

  1. Clicking on the 'Browse' button you can scan through the URL/File and on clicking on 'Review' you can share feedback.
  2. A toolbar to access draw and view options for the screenshot taken. Options include rectangle, arrow, pencil, comment, pan, zoom in, zoom out, hide/show, fit-to-width. You can also zoom-in/out by pressing the 'ctrl' key along with the mouse scroll.
  3. When you add a comment, you have an option to add it either as a comment or task.
  4. All your screens/screenshots can be accessed through the Screens tab
  5. Tasks/Comments for the current screen can be accessed from here.
  6. info shows created, resolution, filename, screen name, created by for that particular task
  7. All screenshots/video added in that file will be shown at Reviewsummary and from there, you can navigate to browse/review where task/comment/screenshot was added

  8. Share link will allow the user to share with different options for more info click here

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