How do I work with clients in zipBoard?

When creating digital content for clients, it is imperative to share only necessary details with the busy clients rather than overwhelm them with all the details of the project. Clients are particularly not interested in internal tasks, reviews, etc. For this reason, zipBoard lets you separate access between external stakeholders ( clients, SME's, executives) and your operating internal team ( designers, managers, collaborators, developers, writers). 

The client has access to Messages, Comments, Files and URL's

and the client can convert comments to the task but he cannot see the created task.

To get the feedback from external stakeholders, you can create a shareable link to your course/ website/ video and ask for reviews or you can add clients for reviewing all assets in a project and also approve other external reviewer's feedback. This feature is available for Enterprise plans only.

With zipBoard you can share your files/content easily with your clients and collate feedback; by just sharing a link with your clients/stakeholders. To generate the shareable link simply click the 'Share File' button on the review page. On the ‘Share Review with Guest’ modal allow for desired permissions.

Different Share Options

1.  View All Boards/Reviews: If you enable the toggle for this option the obtained share link for your project would allow your clients to view all the added screens and their respective comments and tasks.

2.  Add New Boards/Reviews: If you enable the toggle for this option the obtained share link for your project would allow your clients to start afresh review; where clients can click new screens and add annotations/comments to them. But, the clients won't be able to see any previously added screens/comments.

3.  View All Boards/Reviews + Add New Boards/Reviews: If you enable the toggle for both these options, then the obtained share link for your project would allow your clients to click new screens, add annotations/comments and view previously added screens as well.

Along with the above three options you can also choose if you would like your clients to login to the zipBoard environment first and then start a review or you would like them to directly start the review without any necessary limitation to log in to get started.

If you choose your clients to log in first then enable the toggle to Require Signup / Login option otherwise let it be in its default state. The shareable link will be generated depending upon the permissions allowed by you.

Once the share link is generated, you can either copy the link or simply add email ID to share it with your clients/stakeholders/Beta users etc.

View and analyze the feedback

The feedback shared by your clients will appear as comments in zipBoard. To access these comments open the project and Select ‘Comments’ from the project menu bar on the left. Here you can review all incoming comments. You can go through all the comments one by one and approve them as tasks or add comments to them for further communication.

Make the actionable items as tasks

  1. Click on the Add as task corresponding to the comment you need to make a task

   2. Click ‘Yes’ to convert.

Reply to questions and remarks

  1. Select the comment you need to reply for and add the reply text on the comment modal.
  2. Add reply and click the ‘Add’ button.

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