Getting Started as Managers

Managers in the context of zipBoard are key members of an organization responsible for various aspects of project management and coordination. Here are the primary responsibilities and tasks associated with the role of Managers:

  1. Creation and Management of Projects: Managers have the authority to create new projects within the ZipBoard platform. They are responsible for setting up the project, defining its goals, objectives, and scope, and overseeing its progress from inception to completion.

  2. Adding Collaborators to Projects: Managers can invite and add collaborators, such as team members, stakeholders, and contributors, to work on specific projects. This enables effective collaboration and ensures that the right individuals are involved in the project's tasks and discussions.

  3. Customization of Projects: Managers have the flexibility to customize and tailor projects to meet the specific needs and requirements of their organization. This may include configuring project settings, defining workflows, setting up phases, and customizing project templates.

  4. Integration Management: Managers can manage integrations with other software tools and systems that are crucial for project management and communication. These integrations can help streamline workflows and data exchange between zipBoard and other applications.

  5. Access to Project Reports: Managers have access to project reports and analytics, which provide valuable insights into project progress, team performance, and task completion. These reports help managers make informed decisions and adjustments as needed to keep projects on track.

To sum up, the workflow would be:

    1. Managers create new projects within their defined workflows.
      1. What are the parts of a project?
    2. Managers invite collaborators to join these projects.
    3. Managers add phases to each project as needed.
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