Creating a Project in zipBoard

Creating a project in zipBoard is extremely simple. 

The setup process allows you to add resources to the project and upload related ZIP files, PDFs, images or enter a URL. You can add project plan documents, project scope specifications, design assets etc. as resources.

Follow these steps to create a new project:

1. Log in to your zipBoard account. This directs you to your zipBoard account dashboard or explorer. In case you are already logged in, click on the zipBoard logo in the upper left corner. It directs you to the account dashboard.

zipBoard Dashboard

2. Select ‘Create New Project’. This opens the ‘New Project’ dialogue box.

3. To set up the project, enter a name for the project. You can choose to edit the project ID or leave it as the default ID. You can also add a description for your project.

Add new project in zipBoard

4. Click ‘Save’ to create the project.

5. Next, you will see the option to ‘Invite Your Team’. You can choose to invite team members by entering their email ID or zipBoard username, or you can do this later and skip the step.

6. You will now get the option to add files or a URL to your project. You can choose to enter a URL or upload a ZIP file, PDF, audio, or image. You can upload HTML prototypes or SCORM content by selecting the ZIP file option. For image files, you can upload JPEG and PNG images.

7. Next, you will have the option to add a task. In the ‘Add Task’ dialogue box, you can create tasks at the project level. This could be a bug, feature request, enhancement or a generic task. You can assign this task to team members, set its priority and can also attach files to it. You can also choose to add the tasks later if you want to.

8. The project setup is now complete. You can now add files, tasks, bugs, comments, or feature requests to your project! 

In the next guide, you will learn about the zipBoard account dashboard!

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