How to Track and Prioritise the Feedback from Guest in zipBoard?

The feedback shared by the guests will appear as 'Feedback' in zipBoard. To access these feedback comments open the project and Select ‘Feedback’ from the project menu bar on the left. Here you can review all incoming feedback comments. You can go through all the feedback comments one by one and decide on further action for each one of them.

Take the actionable items as tasks

  1. Click "Add Tasks" button

  1. Click "Yes" to convert.

  1. Add the description, set task type, priority and assign it to the concerned team member.

Reply to questions and remarks

  1. Select the feedback comment you need to reply for and add the reply text on the feedback comment modal.

  2. Click the "Reply" button.

Track/View/Update the Task status

  1. Select the "Task List" option from the project menu bar on the left.
  2. Select the Task and choose the action to either edit, view or delete the task.

Note: Delete option is available only if you have created the task or you happen to be the project owner

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