What’s the difference between Super Admin, Admin, Manager, Collaborator, Client, Guest Collaborator and Reviewer?

Welcome to our Help Center, your go-to resource for understanding and mastering your role within the organization's platform. Whether you're an Org Admin with overarching control or a Collaborator focused on content contribution, these guides are designed to empower you with the knowledge and skills you need for effective navigation and seamless collaboration.

Let's breakdown all the possible roles in zipBoard so you can decide what will work best for your team: 

Internal Roles

Internal Role Super Admin Admin Manager Collaborator
Add/remove reviewer  X X X X
Add/remove client X X

Add/removecollaborator X X

Add/remove manager X X

Add/remove admin  X

Delete own projects X X X
Deleteany project X X

Add projects X X X
Archive own projects X X X
Archive all projects X X

Access reports  X X

Add Integrations  X X

External Roles

External Role Guest link* Require sign up / login View all boards/reviews Add new boards/reviews Client
View comments


Add comments

Create an account

Convert comments to tasks


*You can choose to activate one or more guest link settings.                                              

Org Admin/Super Admin:

For a  Complete Comprehensive Guide for Owners/Admin

    • Overall ownership of the organization.
    • Adding users to the organization.
    • Creating tags.
    • Visibility and control over the entire organization.
    • Customization of organization settings.
    • Access to project reports.


    • Similar permissions as the super admin, excluding billing and member management.


    • Creation and management of projects.
    • Adding collaborators to projects.
    • Customization of projects.
    • Integration management.
    • Access to project reports.


For a Complete Comprehensive Guide for Collaborators

    • Content contribution.
    • Task assignment and management.
    • Review feedback.
    • Task organization.

Clients (Enterprise Only):

    • External stakeholders responsible for content review and approval.
    • Communication with the project team.
    • Feedback conversion into tasks.

Guest Reviewers:

For a Complete Comprehensive Guide for Guest Reviewers/Clients and Stakeholders

    • External stakeholders for content review.
    • Limited access based on shared links.
    • Feedback provision.
    • Feedback conversion into tasks (by clients or internal team).

Additional Information:

  • Removing Users: Need to remove someone from your organization? Find step-by-step instructions in our article on removing users.

  • Effective Stakeholder Management: Learn how to manage your stakeholders effectively by referring to our dedicated stakeholder management guide.
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