What’s the difference between owner, manager, collaborator and client and guest collaborator and guest reviewer?

We created these titles for administrative ease.


Someone who owns an enterprise account and can add managers to an organization. If you are someone who has delivery responsibility for your organization and will be responsible for the upkeep of the organization account, then you are the owner.


Usually a project manager in an organization. The manager has permission to add, delete, and edit projects. The manager can also add more reviewers to existing projects.


Someone who collaborates with other team members on a project. Collaborator has the permission to add new files for reviewing to an existing project.


Someone who has access all the external feedback for a project. Clients can approve the feedback comments and convert them to trackable tasks.

Guest Collaborator: 

Anyone who collaborates on your zipBoard project using the login required share link is referred to as a guest collaborator. Guest collaborators when invited to collaborate, need to signup and then they can review the file they are invited to collaborate on.

Guest Reviewer:

Anyone who reviews your  zipBoard  project using the no login required share link is referred to as a guest reviewer. Guest reviewers when invited to review, need not signup to zipBoard. They can directly review the files they are invited to review.

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