What’s the difference between owner, manager, collaborator, client, guest collaborator and guest reviewer?

Let's breakdown all the possible roles in zipBoard so you can decide what will work best for your team: 

Internal Roles

Internal Role Super Admin
Admin Manager Collaborator
Add/remove reviewer  X X X X
Add/remove client X X
Add/remove manager X X
Add/remove admin  X
Delete own projects X X X
any project
Add projects X X X
Archive own projects X X X
Archive all projects X X
Access reports  X X
Add Integrations  X X

External Roles

External Role Guest link*
Require sign up / login View all boards/reviews Add new boards/reviews Client
View comments X
Add comments X
Create an account X
Convert comments to tasks X X X

*You can choose to activate one or more guest link settings.                                              

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