How to upload and review video files with zipBoard?

You can upload mp4 video files to zipBoard projects. To upload and get feedback on mp4 files, follow these few simple steps:

1. Navigate to the desired project.

2. Click the Files and URLs in the project dashboard.

3. Click on the ADD link--> select video to upload MP4 videos

4. Choose the file that you want to upload and give it a Name and Description.

5.  You will see the progress bar appear. Wait for sometime for the upload to complete.

6. As soon as the file is uploaded, it will be visible in the Files and URLs section. Click on Review

7. In this particular screenshot, the red arrows at the bottom edge display the play/pause button, the duration of the video file. You can check out this guide for more information on the toolbar present at the top.

8. In order to start annotating, you have to first pause the video at the exact frame where you want to add your annotation and click on the 'Comment' Button from the toolbar.

9. Now you can click anywhere on the video and start adding annotations! 

You can also share the content with the external audience. Clicking the share button present in the 8th step, you get a shareable link with chosen permissions. You can share this link with anyone using any social media or email platform. Anyone with this link would be able to browse and review the video content.

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