Visual Reviews and Feedback with zipBoard

zipBoard lets you provide visual feedback to your collaborators, guest reviewers, clients and external stakeholders. This not only saves time by helping you avoid long and tedious screen-sharing online meetings, it makes the entire process better by directly getting your points across visually, rather by text. You can visually annotate and review over images, videos, PDFs, URLs and Zip files.

you can also navigate to the "Comments" section in the left menu bar to view all the comments that have been given to all of the files in one project. If you want, you can add those comments as tasks or delete the comments if you feel like it. By using the search bar and the filters, you can sift through all of the comments and find something specific in a matter of seconds.

zipBoard's visual collaboration and feedback tools have helped our customers across the world to have more efficient review cycles and get their points across faster. One of the most useful features while giving visual feedback and comments while reviewing is, if you are the Owner of the project, you can decide whether the external clients can view the internal comments! Just by using a toggle, you can separate external and internal information during review cycles.

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