How do I install zipBoard's Internet Explorer extension?

You can install zipBoard's extension in Internet Explorer by watching the steps in the video below or following the steps written here:

1. When you click on the 'Review' button in your project, you'll be taken to the review tab, where you'll see a button to 'Download IE extension'. Click on this button.

2. Click on 'Run' button to run the 'zipBoardPlugin.exe' file.

3. Click 'Install' when you see the zipBoard Plugin Setup Wizard.

4. Use settings button to go to 'Manage add-ons' in Internet Explorer.

5. Select 'zipBoard plugin' and click on the Enable button, if it is not already enabled.

6. Close the old tab for review and open a new window. Launch project review by clicking on the 'Review' button. You should now be able to use zipBoard's Internet Explorer extension.

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