Getting Started as a Collaborator

Since zipBoard allows you to add multiple collaborators to a project, we would like to take you through how to get started as a collaborator when you are added by the owner of any project.

After you are added as a collaborator by the owner or manager of a specific project, you need to follow these simple steps to get started:

  1. You will receive a personalized invitation to collaborate in the email address that will also contain a quick tutorial on how to use zipBoard

  1. Click on the open (project name) button on the invitation email that will redirect you to the projects’ dashboard
  2. The initial process has been done, now let’s go through each section under the project you are invited to collaborate:

The left menu bar has a task section that contains three sub-sections:


  1. Uploads - Click on the content section on the left menu bar to get an overview of all the multimedia files within the project and start reviewing all the files separately with options to share links for guest collaboration (without login) or existing members for collaboration.

  1. Shares - Clicking the share button also gives an overview of all the file shares with additional details such as permissions assigned and actions are taken on the shared file.


  1. Task List - Click on the tasks subsection to get an overview of all the tasks along with their details within the project in two formats namely table style view (a list of all the tasks) and kanban style view (a list along with the featured image of the task file).

Clicking on any task from the list gives you an overview of all the details of the specific task with options to add a description, reply to comments, check the activity feed of the task, and most importantly assign a task to another team member within the project with priority, type, and completion date options with the flexibility to add more watchers if required. 

  1. External Feedback - Click on the comments subsection to get an overview of all the comments by the team within a specific project with the option of replying and notifying the author.

  1. Messages - Click on the messages subsection to get an overview of all the messages by the team for the project you are invited to collaborate on and reply by mentioning them.


(a) Phases- Click on the phases’ subsection to get a list of all the phases for the project. Clicking on any phase will give a detailed view of the completion date and current status of the project phase and a few other options like the files/links view button, add more tasks and comments for the specific phase of the project.

(b) Activity feed- Clicking on the activity feed subsection on the left menu bar gives a detailed list of all the activities undertaken within the project.

(c) Collaborators- Clicking on the collaborator’s subsection gives a glimpse of all the collaborators within the project.

(d) Settings- Clicking on the settings subsection gives a detailed overview of the project that includes project id, title, description, and integrations set up by the owner of the project with the flexibility to add additional integrations.


(a) Projects: Clicking on the projects section on the top menu bar gives an overview of all the projects you are collaborating for.

(b) All tasks: Clicking on the all tasks section gives a detailed list of all the tasks within the project with the option to filter the list according to the organization, project, assignment to collaborators, reporter, status, priority, and type and an additional button of reset for convenience which are downloadable. Clicking on a specific task within a project gives details of the task such as topic, description, attachments, and replies within the task and also additional options such as add more files or screenshots for the task, comment to the replies with texts and multimedia attachments and also view the activity feed of the task.

Apart from this, the collaborator also gets a detailed list of the collaborator/s for the task with their type, status, priority, due date, phase, tags, watchers, reporter, and reporting information. The all tasks section also has a sub-section called feedback which when clicked gives a detailed list of all the feedback for tasks within the project.

(d) Message: Clicking on the message section redirects to all messages page within the project and also additional features like replying to the messages with texts and multimedia files and composing new messages if any.

(e) There is also a search bar, profile icon, and notification icon on the top corner of the menu bar that prompts new notifications for the collaborated projects such as the assignment of tasks, mentions, and much more helping collaborators stay updated on all the activities within the project/projects.

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