Reviewing client feedback and adding them to development workflow

One of the user role in zipBoard includes adding clients as outside collaborators who not only can review content, but can also approve comments from other reviewers to include in the development workflow. The ability to manage others reviews, gives clients an easy way to manage conflicting views at the same time, not get overwhelmed by the internal team discussions. 

Here is how clients can manage feedback and reviews from guest collaborators to add to the internal team's development workflow:

  1. When you log in to the zipBoard project as a client, you see 3 tabs inside a project 

a) Comments: Feedback already added by other guest reviewers that you can view and approve as tasks,

b) Messages: Messages for communication between client and project team.

c) Uploads: Shareable links of documents or content that you can review using the reviewboard.

  1. Click on the comments tab from the dashboard.
  2. You will see a list of feedback from different guest reviewers and your own. You can click on individual feedback and add comments/responses on them. You can always view the context of the feedback and any conversation threads by clicking on the actual feedback.
  3. You can also click on "Add as Task" for the feedback which you want to approve for development.

6. Prompt for approve feedback, click on yes to convert.

7. Once you click on yes, the task will be sent to the internal team for development.

8. You can continue to have any follow up discussions on the task using the same feedback thread.

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