How is zipBoard different from other solutions?

zipBoard can provide contextual feedback from all stakeholders while building Elearning courses, websites, other digital content!

This article explores various ways to use zipBoard to collect feedback, video messages, screenshots, annotations with descriptive comments, and actionable tasks.

Sharing annotated feedback - screen capture and annotation tools

Meaningful and contextual feedback is an effective way to create content collaboratively and make iterative improvements. For digital content, it is crucial to test and constantly improve the content that is being produced.

The share tool in zipBoard, lets internal teams share their work with technical and non-technical stakeholders in a variety of ways :

  • Teams can add stakeholders as collaborators who can then be assigned tasks and also do quick reviews
  • Collaborators can add content, create and assign tasks, collect feedback from other stakeholders, and convert those into tasks as well.
  • For external stakeholders, users can share their work using a shareable link which lets users see the course or website in their browser and share quick feedback.
  • The shareable link lets the users capture screenshots or screen recording of their view and add comments using annotations
  • The annotations toolbar lets users markup specific areas, and add comments specific to that area.
  • They can explain the context of their comments better and make it easy for the development teams to reproduce the issue that they are facing or the suggestions made.
  • As the screenshot is captured, zipBoard also captures the specific location ( URL for web pages and course location for SCORM courses ) so that the developer has the related context.
  • Users or clients can create a video or Audio recording to explain themselves easily.
  • Multiple stakeholders can share their feedback using a quick link that lets them toggle between the reviews and the content easily.

The reference location and the environment details take away the guesswork involved in reproducing the specific issue. Once that feedback is received, the internal team can find all the useful information to reproduce and accordingly to assign to the concerned team member, prioritize, and track progress.

The annotation and recording tools make it easy to share feedback without having to synchronize the times. The options to leave the audio, video, or comment feedback lets different type of users chose according to their comfort.

Different media type - Websites, SCORM courses, HTML files, images, videos

Whether you are building an e-learning course, have a PDF, a video, or simply want to collect feedback for some images, you can manage them all in a single project in zipBoard. We understand that each project requires multiple media or content type. To keep the continuity of work through different documents in a project, you can review multiple documents or websites within the same project. Also, creating a shareable link for specific audiences helps you limit access to specific content to specific users. You can also remove access from the users at any point in time when the review cycle is over.

Task Manager

Zipboard lets you create tasks related to a specific review or generic to a project. Every feedback received can be converted into tasks and can be tracked based on various parameters and filters. Filter task list by reporter, assignee, priority, task type ( bugs, features, enhancement, etc.), submission date, and more.

Save time and manage feedback and internal tasks while creating content all in one place.

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