How is zipBoard Different from Other Bug Tracking Solutions?

zipBoard is an all-in-one solution for online visual collaboration, bug tracking, task management and QA testing tool. 

You might be wondering, how is zipBoard different as compared to other visual review tools? Well, below are:

1. Reviewing multiple types of file in one place: Most of the review tools only allow the reviewers to add URLs or webpages for review. With zipBoard, you can also review images, videos, ZIP files(SCORM and HTML) and PDFs at the same place.

2. Unlimited Collaborators: No matter how big your team is, we have got your back! You can add unlimited collaborators, reviewers, clients and stakeholders.

3. Separate internal and external documents: With zipBoard you get to decide what the external clients and stakeholders are able to see and do. You can allow them to add their comments, but not see the existing ones or, give them managerial privileges. Your call.

4. Flawless task management: Our task manager will help you and your team to stay focused and on track by helping you efficiently manage your tasks. Kanban Board will serve as a visual board where you can track the progress of various processes simultaneously.

5. Auto-generated reports: If you are running short on time and want to know what all is happening not just in one project but also in your entire organization, zipBoard will help you by generating reports for you that will keep you up.

To learn about the features that make zipBoard exclusive and stand out as compared to other solutions in detail, click here.

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