How to use the Task Manager in zipBoard

We will look at all the various options that are provided to the user while managing tasks but before all that, you should make yourself familiar with this article, in order to create your very first task on zipBoard.

A typical Task Manager looks like this at the very surface

With a lot of tasks for a live project, it gets very difficult to manage all the tasks that have been created. We make it simple for you to sort the tasks by giving you the following sorting options that can be accessed at the top of the task table.

The task can then be sorted using:

1. The Phase of the project.
2. Name of the File/Link
3. Name of the Screen.
4. Name of the Person to which the task is Assigned To.
5. Name of the Person who created the task.
6. Status of the Task. (Open, Waiting on Client, In Progress, Defer, Resolved/Fixed, QA Verify, Won't Fix, Duplicate, Reopen)
7. Priority Level. (Critical, High, Medium, Low)
8. Type of the Task (Bug, Enhancement, Feature, Task)
9. Resolution of the Screen.

You also have the ability to Show or Hide Columns in the Task Table.

Every Task that is present in the Task Table has two actions associated with it, namely, Edit and Delete.
Clicking on the Edit option allows the creator of the task to make changes to it. 
With a plethora of customizability options, the creation and management of tasks are one of the most powerful features of zipBoard.

In order to get started with more such awesome features, check out this guide!

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