What makes zipBoard different?

zipBoard, in short, is a visual review and bug tracking project management tool. Here are five different ways we are a class apart from our competitors.

1. Visual Review and Feedback: With zipBoard, you have the power to show what you mean, without hopping on long tedious online meetings, rather than just describing your points using text. Watch this video to learn more.

2. Review multiple content pieces at one place: zipBoard will help you organize better by allowing you to review multiple content types in one place. You can visually review and collaborate on URLs/webpages, images, videos, PDFs and ZIP files (SCORM and HTML). Watch this video to learn more.

3. Manage your tasks better: One of the main challenges that an Agile team faces is keeping track of bugs, issues, tasks and deadlines together. zipBoard will help you and your internal team and external stakeholders in keeping proper track of things so that you can do your best work. Watch this video to learn more.

4. Collaboration: zipBoard takes remote collaboration to a whole new level. You can add unlimited collaborators, clients, guest reviewers and external stakeholders to your project. Apart from the ability to send them messages and emails to any/all of them from zipBoard, you can also set permissions on who can see what. Watch this video to learn more.

5. Generate reports: zipBoard helps you to keep an eye on everything that is happening at the org level with the click of a button. Watch this video to learn more.

In conclusion, the above amalgamation of features puts zipBoard in a league of its own. In other words, it's safe to say we don't have competitors.

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