What is the role of a "Manager"?

You can only add managers if you are the project owner for an organization  (this feature is only available for Team/Business/Enterprise plan users).

Manager accounts are created at the organization level.

To know how to add/remove the person as manager please click here

Managers have the ability to

  • Add Project: Add a project in the organization
  • Add Collaborators/Clients: Can add collaborators/clients in the project
  • Upload/Review files: Can upload/review files and also can review files in the other projects also
  • Create a task: Can create the task in all files/projects
  • Add feedback: Can add feedback to review files 
  • Assign a task: Can assign a task to other users
  • Add screens: can add screens in the review board
  • Add messages: can add messages and reply to added messages
  • Share review: can review files 

Note: The manager can remove collaborators/clients from the project, only if the project is added by the manager in the organization.

If you remove the manager from the organization, the projects and assign tasks to him will be assigned to the owner of the organization.

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