How to Create or Modify a Task?

Tasks allow project-specific actions or requirements to be identified and accountable.

For any task on a project, you can assign it a "Type" value to indicate a general task, bug, enhancement, or feature.

There are various ways of adding a task to your zipBoard project.

Adding a task from the task manager

Follow these steps to create a task in your zipBoard project from the task manager:

  1. Log in to the zipBoard application.
  2. Select the project for which the task needs to be added.

3. Click on the Task tile from the left menu bar.

4. To add a new task, click on the ‘Add Task’ button.

5. Once you have entered the information for your task, click on ‘Add’.

6. The task properties panel will be displayed; here you can add/update the following information:

Field What to enter
Add Description You can elaborate on the action that needs to be taken. Click on the tick button once you have added all the information to store it.
Add Comments You can add additional pointers for your team to make things clear and understandable. Follow up discussions and communication regarding the task can be carried out in the comments.
Type You can select the type of task to create - a general Task, or a specific Bug, Enhancement, or Feature.
Priority Set the appropriate priority level for the reported task: Low, Medium, High, or Critical

Here you can select/update the appropriate status for the task:

  • Open
  • Open - Client Input
  • In Progress
  • In Progress – Defer
  • Resolved
  • Closed
  • Closed – Won’t Fix
  • Closed – Duplicate
  • Re-open
Phase Select the relevant project stage or milestone to register the issue or task
Watchers Any team members that need to get automatic updates on the task can be added as watchers.
Tags You can set up keywords or labels to index and organize tasks by adding tags to them.
Attach Files You can attach files and documents related to a task by uploading them. These can be images, word documents, ZIP files etc. Attachments on a task can provide additional information to clarify actions for team members tracking the task of resolving it. These can be a sample reference image, a spec doc etc.

Other systems important information like the reporter, creation date last updated date, browser and OS info are also available on the task properties panel for reviewer’s reference.

7. After ensuring the description and other information has been added correctly, you may select to close the task panel by selecting the X in the upper right corner.

Adding a task during review

You can also create a task on a particular file during the review.

Follow these steps to create a task in your zipBoard project on a specific file:

1. Log in to the zipBoard application.

2. Select the project for which the task needs to be added.

3. Click on the Uploads from the left menu bar.

4. Click on a 'Review' of the file

  1. Select an annotation tool (Comment, Pencil, Arrow, or Rectangle) and click on the desired area to highlight a specific issue in the screenshot and add your task.

  1. You can now edit task properties in the same way as mentioned in 'Adding a Task from Task Manager.'

Modify an existing task

1. Access the project from the zipBoard dashboard.

2. Access the “Tasks” option from the project menu bar.

3. Click on the task you want to modify from the task manager.

4. Modify the properties of the selected task as required.

Learn how to convert comments to tasks in our next guide!

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