Power of Tags: A Comprehensive Guide

Finding and managing information can be a daunting task, especially with the ever-growing volume of data we encounter daily. Whether it's navigating complex projects, pinpointing specific issues, or staying organized across multiple tasks, the need for efficient categorization and retrieval systems becomes increasingly crucial.

Enter zipBoard. It empowers teams to collaborate, review, and approve projects in a streamlined and intuitive manner. One of its key features is the powerful "add tags" functionality, offering a dynamic and flexible approach to organization and information access.

Unleash the power of tags and transform your organization with zipBoard.

  • Create tags on the fly: Capture the essence of your projects and tasks instantly.

  • Boost enterprise efficiency: Pre-defined tag lists offer consistency and streamlined workflows.

    Pre defined tags are like which added at tag org level, you can see tags option on top level options

  • Find issues faster: Targeted tag searches lead you directly to the information you need.
  • Advanced filtering: Uncover specific insights through powerful tag-based searches.
  • Seamless tag application: Auto-suggestions speed up your tagging process.
  • Generate insightful reports (Enterprise only): Gain valuable data-driven insights from your tagged information.

How to Edit tags?

To edit tags, you should have managerial access/organization owners.

  1. Tagging in Manager Org

a. To edit tags, Login to your account--->Click on Profile icon—>select "Manage Org"

b. Select Tags from left Menu, you will navigate to tags page.

c. Click on Edit tags under the Action tab.

  1. Tagging in Uploads:

a. Navigate to the "Uploads" section.

b. Locate and click on the three-dot menu icon.

c. Select the "Tags" option.

Now, you can easily assign tags to your uploads, providing a quick and effective way to categorize and find files effortlessly.

  1. Tagging in Task Cards for Kanban:

a. Head over to the "Task Lists" section.

b. Select the specific task for which you want to add tags.

c. Click on the three-dot menu icon associated with the task.

d. Choose the "Tags" option from the menu.

With this newfound capability, you can tag task cards on Kanban boards, improving visual clarity and making it simpler to identify and manage tasks based on specific criteria.

Tags in uploads and task cards for Kanban offer a streamlined and visually intuitive approach to organization, ensuring that you can easily locate, categorize, and manage your content and tasks with efficiency.

By mastering the art of tagging, you can unlock a whole new level of project management and information retrieval within zipBoard, streamlining your workflow and achieving optimal productivity.

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