What is a Kanban Board and How to Use it?

A Kanban board is an agile project management tool designed to help visualize work, limit work-in-progress, and maximize efficiency (or flow). Kanban boards use cards, columns, and continuous improvement to help technology and service teams commit to the right amount of work, and get it done!

To access your Kanban Board, click on the 'Tasks' button from the sidebar and select the 'Kanban' view if the current view is set to 'Table'.

What can you do on the Kanban board?

  • You can see all your tasks are arranged in definite phases within the project. To edit or view details of any task, all you need to do is click on that card.
  • You can drag and drop tasks across various phases as you work on them.
  • You can add tasks, add the details within it too.
  • You can create new phases as your project progress further to the next levels.
  • You can get a glimpse of what is happening in your project.
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