Working in the zipBoard account dashboard

The visual layout of zipBoard’s interface allows you to get a quick overview of your projects and their details such as resources, open bugs, tasks , enhancements, and information.

The account dashboard is the screen displayed whenever you login; it displays options to create a new project, and project “cards” that you have been granted access to, or that you have created.

The grey bar along the top of the window displaying the zipBoard icon is the dashboard menu bar. You can access the following functions from here:

  • Search: The search function indexes and searches through project names and project level tags.
  • Help: Accesses the zipBoard Knowledge Base. Clicking the help button you will be notified to enter a search keyword, to direct you to the related help article or guide.
  • Notifications: The number on the bell indicates modified tasks that you have been assigned to, or have elected to watch.
  • Properties: Here, you can update your profile, change your password, and log out.
  • The main area on the application dashboard is the project cards and the “Create New Project” card.
  • In the bottom right corner, there is an option for customer support to ping zipBoard’s team for assistance.

In the next guide you will learn how to manage your projects in zipBoard using our Project Dashboard!

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