How can I set up Review Cycles in zipBoard

Setting up review cycles in zipBoard can be done using phases and by following these steps:

1. Create phases that indicate each step in your review cycle

2. Arrange the phases to reflect the sequential order (if necessary) 

3. Upload content to the appropriate phase to reflect where you are in your projects review process

Create Phases that Indicate Each Step in Your Review Cycle

In the "Uploads" view click on the button that says "Add Phase"

Next give the phase a Name - here you can also optionally add a description status, and completion date to the phase - and click add

Repeat the process for any of the critical points in your review cycle

Here is what a potential review cycle could look like

Arrange the Phases to Reflect the Sequential Order (If Necessary) 

If you did not create your phases in sequential order, you can re-order them by dragging and dropping them

Upload Content to the Appropriate Phase to Reflect Where You are in Your Project's Review Process

Under each phase, you have the option to add content to them.

In a proper review cycle, it might look something like this - where at each stage in the review cycle, an updated version is uploaded to reflect the projects level of completion.

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