Can We Add Live Annotations without zipBoard Extension?

Yes, we can add live annotations without the zipBoard extension

Go to File and click on 'Review'

Following are options available in live annotations

  1. Browse: Let's you go through your content
  2. Review: You can use all annotations tools to add your feedback and suggestions 
  • Select: With select, you can browse around and look through existing comments and annotations that your team members provided, you can also move comments around and erase them
  • Comments: Adding a comment is easy, just click anywhere in your content where you feel to give a suggestion/add a task
  • Pencil: It works like just you imagined doodle away and add your comment
  • Arrow: It helps you to point at an object give comments and review to it
  • Rectangle: It helps you to select the section on the screen and add your comment/task to it
  • Eraser: This allows you to delete an existing annotation
  • Stamp Options: Allows you to add signature, check mark, and timestamp
  1. Screenshot/Video recording: You can take a screenshot to grab a part of the webpage or you can capture entirely in one go for review and screen recorded allows you to record the screen, your webcam and your mic helps you give effective and explanatory feedback
  2. Reviewboard: Every time you add a review, we create a screenshot for reference. From the review board, you can access all your screenshots for this project
  3. Review summary: It shows the review history of your file, from here you can browse/review files from where they were added

  1. Device mode: Let's you know how your web page or multimedia file in different resolutions in different devices

Limitations: The user cannot add live annotations for the following file types

  • Scorm courses published in Articulate, Adapt, Elucidate, Lectora
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