How to File a Bug?

There are various options for adding a bug to your zipBoard project.

Note: the tasks or bugs can only be added by the internal team (collaborators) in a project and are not visible to the guest collaborators or reviewers.

  1. Adding a Bug from task manager

Follow these steps to create a bug in your zipBoard project from the task manager:

  • Log in to the zipBoard application.
  • Select the project for which the bug needs to be added or click on Project for which you want to add task.

  • Navigate to 'Tasks' tab from dashboard -- > 'Add task'
  • When you add a task, you can describe the task with the text and will be prompted for options related to priority, status, assignment, tags, etc. By default, every task is added as a bug, if you do not change the options. To understand all the available options in a specific task, read here.

  1. From Review board

You can also create a task on a particular content during review.

Follow these steps to create a task in your zipBoard project on a specific file/ URL.

  • Log in to the zipBoard application.
  • Select the project for which the task needs to be added.
  • Click on the "add content" tile from the project home dashboard.
  • Click on the file.
  • Once you select the review option, the reviewboard is launched which lets you review your website/ file and also create a bug while viewing it. 
  • You will then review the asset using the annotation tools.
  • This bug can now be assigned, you can add priority, set status, add specific tags etc. 

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