Get the most out of our Guides in zipBoard

We have created a lot of guides for our users to get started with using zipBoard. This guide aims to act as a starting point for navigating the various guides that are currently available.

Sign Up and Login:
1. Guide to Signing Up
2. Guide to Logging In
3. Guide to Recover Account or Forgotten Password

In order to start reviewing your first file or website, you need to have the latest version of our zBreviewboard plugin. These guides will help you to install that!
1. Installing the extension on Chrome
2. Installing the extension on Firefox
3. Installing the extension on Internet Explorer/Safari

With the Extension installed, you can now start reviewing your project files! To help you get started, here is a list of guides that you would need!
1. Uploading images/mocks to zipBoard for Feedback
2. Reviewing a webpage using zipBoard
3. Recording a screen for review using zipBoard
4. Annotating a recorded video using zipBoard
5. Reviewing a pdf file in zipBoard
6. Reviewing SCORM content with zipBoard

We also have guides to walk you through some of our key features!
1. Using the Task Manager in zipBoard
2. Managing the Message Board
3. Adding a Manager Account
4. Adding a Collaborator or Reviewer Account for collecting feedback

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