Can I add multiple files or URLs within 1 project?


You can add multiple files/URLs in one project. The number of files/URLs you can upload depends on the pricing plan you are on. Below are the types of files you can upload on zipBoard to exchange feedback with your team.

1. URL- A link to a website, google doc, or even a gated app. Once you add the link you can browse pages from within zipBoard. 

2. Zipped file - A zipped file with HTML content and /or SCORM content. Once you upload this zip file, we unzip and load so that you can interact with the content inside zipBoard itself. 

3. PDF document - You can simply upload a PDF file to share for reviews. 

4. Multiple images as a folder - You can multi-select image files (PNG/ JPEG) and upload them as a folder. These are counted as one unit for pricing. You can upload single images as well.

5. Video ( MP4 files) - You can upload your MP4 files to review them within zipBoard.

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