I created a project. What's next?

Great! Now that you have your project setup, there’s a whole world of possibilities open for you to be more productive and get things done. Let’s get you started on the basics. You can:

  1. Add collaborators to your project from the collaborator's icon from the dashboard.
  2. Add content to review.
  3. Add tasks to your project by selecting the “Tasks” option form the dashboard.
  4. Add External Feedback to your project by selecting the “Comments” option from the dashboard
  5. Add phases to your project by selecting the “Phases” form the dashboard.
  6. Edit Project settings and add integrations to the project.
  7. And put any notes and/or notifications for the team in project feed.
  8. Add messages to your project from messages tab in the dashboard
  9. Captured screenshots can be viewed from this tab
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