What is the 'Add Client' button for?

Keeping the internal team and your clients on the same page ensure clutter free project cycle. Clients need not know the details of workflow, but they should be available when their review comments and approval is required. This is the reason we at zipBoard provide you with two distinct user roles called Collaborator and Client. You can add your teammates as Collaborators and your external stakeholders as Clients. 

The users added for 'Client' user role have access to all the external feedback for a project and can approve the feedback comments and convert them to trackable tasks. They don't have access to collaborator comments and activity. Thus everyone is in sync without compromising on the internal team privacy. You can add your stakeholders as clients to a zipBoard project following the below steps:

1. Login to your zipBoard account and navigate to the desired project.

2. On the project home screen, navigate to Collaborators tab from the left menu.

3. Click the 'Add Client' button.

4. Enter the email address and Invitation message and click 'Invite' button.

Now your client would receive an invitation at the entered email ID. After accepting the invite(using the link shared in the invitation email) when the invited user signs in to zipBoard, he/she can access the project.

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