Can We Tag or Mention Users in Live Annotation Too?

The answer is Yes! With zipBoard's tagging feature, collaboration becomes more dynamic, focused, and efficient. No more back-and-forth emails or separate discussions. It's all conveniently integrated right where you need it.

When the user mentions collaborators in the project, they get notified regarding the task/comment.

Mentioning Made Easy

When you're in the review process and ready to add annotations to your content, simply use the "@" symbol followed by the user's name. This allows you to bring their attention to specific points or elements within the content that require feedback or discussion.

Efficient Feedback Loop

Mentioning not only makes your annotations more targeted but also accelerates the feedback loop. By involving the right people at the right time, you can address issues, brainstorm ideas, and make improvements more effectively.

Client Collaboration

If you're working with clients and have shared the file with them, they too can take advantage of this tagging feature. Clients can tag collaborators and team members, ensuring everyone's input is considered in one central space.

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