Is there a Kanban View for My Content?

The latest September update for 2022 now provides our users with a Kanban view for their content. This lets you visualize your content as it moves along the different phases. Just like how it is in our task dashboard. Let’s see how this will look on your browser!

Kanban View for Content

Kanban boards are a great way to organize items into different phases. So, we’re excited to bring the kanban view to manage the content. Now you will notice that this is the default view for content, instead of the grid view. The table view still exists and you can toggle between the two. This is a similar interface you’ve been using in tasks.

Easy to use and intuitive, our new Kanban update will help you organize content better. With this update, you no longer have to deal with stagnant cards that cannot be reorganized quickly! With every upload having its content card, you can easily drag and drop based on your project's workflow. The status, due date and assignee info are shown in the content cards while you’re in the Kanban view.

We've added phase columns to organize your content workflow. These columns allow you to visualize the content in different phases.

Kanban Board and Table View

Move content between phases directly from the Kanban board

To create a more complete online proofing tool, we’ve provided the ability to seamlessly add phases to content. And this can also be done directly through the Kanban board. In the Kanban board, simply select the piece of content then drag and drop it to the phase of your choice.

moving content between phases in kanban board

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