How to Record a Video to Capture Feedback using zipBoard extension?

Ever wondered if you could capture screenshots or record videos without the hassle of navigating to zipBoard? Well, you're in luck! The zipBoard extension has you covered. With this feature-packed extension added to your browser, capturing screenshots and recording videos becomes a breeze.

Add an extension to the browser.

  1. You can go to any tabs open, click the extension, then select what you want to record.
      • Screen
      • Screen and Self
      • Self

Make sure to select your camera, and mic before recording

After that, you can stop the recording. You can either:

  • exit,
  • save, or
  • download the recording

If you select "save," you will have to fill out the important details.

Another thing, it gives you option to save

  1. Can be uploaded as video
  2. Can create task and video gets uploaded as attachment
  3. Can add comment to the task, in here also video gets uploaded as attachment

Saving or Adding in Uploads, Tasks, or a Comment:

After recording, you have the option to save the recording to a project or add it as a task.

  • Click on the task view and enter a task name.

Assigning to a Project:

  • Select the project and phase (area within the project) where you want to add the task.
  • Confirm your selection.

Tips for Screen and Self Recording

  1. Enabling Camera Access:
    • For 'Screen and Self' recording, grant access to your camera when prompted.

  2. Microphone Selection:
    • If you want to record your voice, ensure you select your microphone before starting the recording.
  3. Managing Voice Recording:
    • Click on 'Start Recording' after configuring your microphone settings.

To have a comprehensive guide about our video recording tool, you may visit this help article.

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