Integrate zipBoard with Wrike & Manage Your Project Better


Please follow these instructions to ensure that the integration is done properly :

1. Go to the "Integrations" page and click on Authenticate button. [Click on your profile icon on the top right]

2. For authentication you need to sign in to your WRIKE account by entering your email and password.

3. After authentication you need to integrate WRIKE with the zipBoard project. Go to Project Settings

And then click on WRIKE icon.

4. A list of all the projects associated with this WRIKE account will load. Now, choose the WRIKE Folder/Project to which the issues created in zipBoard will correspond. 

5. Enable the integration by clicking on the 'Save' button.

Once you hit save, all issues now created in zipBoard by any of the collaborators will automatically get added to the corresponding WRIKE project. And the link of the created WRIKE issue will show up in the zipBoard task as well.

if you get an error, please look here for troubleshooting. 

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