How to upload images/mocks to zipBoard and get live feedback from people?

Uploading and getting feedback using zipBoard is very easy once you follow these few simple steps!

  1. Gto the Files/Links section using the side panel or just simply click on ‘Review Files/Links’.
  2. Now, in order to upload an image/mock/file/link, you have to click on the ‘+’ button.
  3. Select the type of file that you wish to review. For this tutorial, we would be using an image.
  4. Give a name and description to your image and upload the image using the ‘Choose Files’ button and click on Add.
  5. Voila! Your Image has successfully been uploaded! Now in order to share it with your client, collaborator or user, click on the ‘Share’ button.
  6. Here you have the option to create custom sharelinks for people to review. You can require them to signup and login to review, let them view all the boards/reviews or add new boards/reviews.
    For our scenario, we want to get the feedback from the user without any need to signup/login, so we give them permission to add new boards/reviews. This generates a sharelink which we will be copying and sending it to our users.
    Please note that you can also use the send by email feature to send the links to your clients, collaborators or users!
  7. Once the user opens this link on his own computer, he is asked for his name and email id.
  8. Upon entering the details, the user is now able to give feedback with the help of our toolbar at the top using the comment tool.
  9. The user can now click at any spot where he wants to give feedback! Easy!
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