How can I record a screen for review using ZipBoard?

While zipBoard supports most of the browsers, video recording is only supported in Chrome. Make sure you have our zBreviewBoard chrome extension. If not, you can download it here.

Follow these few easy steps to record a screen for Review using our zipBoard Plugin.

  1. Select your Project and go to the File and URLs section.
  2. Select the file or link for which you would like to record the screen by clicking on the Review button.
  3. Scroll to the screen you want to record and toggle to Review.
  4. Select the video camera icon from the review toolbar
  5. If you want to record your webcam and/or microphone audio, toggle on. Select Start Recording.
  6. From the pop-up, choose if you'd like to share your Entire Screen or just the Window. If you have two screens, select which screen you'd like to record. If you have multiple windows open, select the window you'd like to record. Once you've made your selection, select Share to start recording. 
  7. When you want to stop recording, select Stop Sharing.
  8. A pop-up will appear with a list of your captured screens on the left, markup tools on the top of the screen and a list of tasks related to the screen on the right side of the screen. 
  9. Once you are done marking up the recording, exit the screen to continue your review. If you want any help on how to review and annotate the recordings, be sure to check this out!
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