Why do I Need to Integrate zipBoard with LambdaTest?

zipBoard is an online collaboration, visual feedback and issue tracking tool. While LambdaTest is a cloud-based cross-browser testing platform that helps enterprises run web automation tests at scale (through parallel testing). And now you can integrate zipBoard with LambdaTest to the best out of both worlds.

zipBoard offers a review platform on the cloud to help you collaborate with your team over a web project. You can attach an image and mention suggestions, tag your collaborators, and do more with full transparency. Using zipBoard your colleagues can view every reported bug or suggestion regarding the project, and understand who is doing what?

LambdaTest is a cross-browser testing tool on cloud that offers 2000+ real browsers and browser versions. You can perform both manual and automated cross-browser testing with an online Selenium Grid. LambdaTest integration with zipBoard will help you report bugs directly from LambdaTest to your zipBoard instance, in just a single click.

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