zipBoard pricing update: 12th March 2021

Starting from 12th March 2021 we at zipBoard have updated our pricing plan where the free plan will be replaced by a 14-day free trial at the end of which the users have to upgrade to a paid plan to continue using zipBoard.

We have also introduced a new “Business Plan” priced at $110/month, when billed annually. 

Why did the pricing plan change?

The Business Plan will allow our new users to collaborate on 50 files/URLs at once and also allow them to add managers to their projects. We have created this plan which is targeted to cater the needs of our customers who work in bigger organisations and complex projects.

The new “14-day Free trial” will allow our valued users explore the product deeply and all the solutions it provides to make their existing workflow more efficient and productive, something the “Free Plan” was unable to achieve. Furthermore, with the “Free Plan” there were only limited things that a user could do with zipBoard.

This change in plans will also help our developers understand which features are suitable for you and how you can use zipBoard for maximum efficiency.

I created my account before this change. What happens to me?

If you had created your account before this change in pricing, your free trial will be extended by another 90 days. After that, in order to continue using zipBoard, you will have to upgrade to one of the paid plans.

What will happen to my data if my free trial expires?

Your data will be stored safely on our servers and you can access it as soon as you upgrade your account.

What are the features of the free 14-day trial?

With the new 14-day free trial, you can explore all the features of zipBoard which will help you understand how much of an improvement you are capable of having in your workflow with zipBoard in your arsenal. Click here to learn more.

Are there any other changes on the existing plans?

Yes. We have added new features and functionalities in all of the existing plans. For instance, now you can add managers if you are upgraded to Team Plan or Business Plan. Learn more.

Moreover, if you decide to upgrade your account before 31st March 2021, you can avail flat 20% discount on all of the paid plans.

Don’t worry, their pricing of all our existing plans remains the same. Click here to learn more.

Which plan is best suitable for me?

We recommend you to go for a free trial and explore our solutions. Talk with your team, clients and stakeholders on how zipBoard will be helpful to your process.

Still if you need any help, you can book a personalised demo.

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