How can I manage user roles better with enterprise accounts?

zipBoard Enterprise has 5 primary roles:

  1. Org Admin: User responsible for adding other users in the org has visibility and control over the entire organization, customization, and project set.
  2.  Manager: User responsible for adding and managing their own set of projects and adding collaborators in it.
  3.  Collaborator: Users responsible to take up tasks in a project and work on projects which they are part of.
  4. Clients: External stakeholders, responsible for reviewing content and comments from guest reviewers.
  5. Guest reviewers: External stakeholders responsible for reviewing content.

With an enterprise plan, you can add managers to your organization. Managers can create and/or delete new projects within your organization. Thus you can add up a level of hierarchy with enterprise accounts. Moreover, you can switch roles of any of you organization member with just a single click.

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