Adding a collaborator or reviewer account

As a project owner (the user who has created the project) you can add a team member as a ‘ Reviewer/Collaborator’.

Reviewers only have access to the project to which they have been added or invited. Developers, illustrators, scriptwriters, designers or even clients can be added as reviewers.

In order to add a reviewer to the project, you have to follow these few simple steps:

1. Select the project in which you want to add a reviewer/collaborator.

2. Click on the Collaborators tab either from the project menu bar that appears on the left or from the tiles displayed in the project dashboard. You can also click on the ‘+’ icon in the top right to add reviewers/collaborators.

3. Click on  'Add Collaborators' option in the modal that appears.

4. This displays the “Add Collaborators” dialog box. Here, you can enter the email address of the person you want to invite as a collaborator and also send him a custom message with the details of the invite. You can add multiple collaborators at once just by clicking add many at once

5. The invitee will receive an email from zipBoard containing the instructions on how to log in to the application, register, connect, and access the project that he has been invited to.

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