zipBoard for Beta testing

zipBoard is great for testing out products during the beta phase in a software development cycle. The aim of the beta phase is to let a small group of the target audience sample the product and collect feedback from their reviews.

When the Beta version of your product is ready, then you can easily collate feedback from your beta users using zipBoard. zipBoard environments let you generate a sharable link that you can share with all your Beta users over any communication media of your choice. With this link, users can not only view the BETA file/URL but can also add their feedback, for which they don’t even need to login to zipBoard.

To start Beta testing with zipBoard, follow the steps below :  

  1. Create a new project
  • You can set up your file/URL for beta testing in a fresh project in zipBoard. Login to zipBoard and click the ‘Create New Project’ card on the dashboard.

  • When setting up the project, enter a name for the project. You can choose to edit the default project ID and description.

  • Click the ‘Save’ button to create the project.

NOTE: If you have an existing project in zipBoard for your ongoing work, you can skip creating a new project and can directly proceed to step 2.]

2. Add the Beta version URL/file to the zipBoard project.

  • Select the appropriate zipBoard project. From the project dashboard, select Add Files and URLs option.

  • From the options to choose file type, select URL/the appropriate file type.

  • Add the Beta URL/ file along with other details as required.
  • Click ADD button to proceed.

3. Generate the shareable link.

  • Click the options icon corresponding to the URL/file which needs to be reviewed by the Beta users.

  • Select the ‘Share File’ option from the dropdown.

  • From the share file modal, allow for ‘Collaborators/Guest Review’.

NOTE: This link enables the users to view the shared URL, click screenshots wherever required and add annotations and comments to specify an issue they are facing.

You need not allow for ‘Require Signup/Login’ as this would impose the users with the link with the restriction to log in to the system, in order to review the file. For Beta testing, it’s not recommended.

4. Share the link

You can share the generated link via any medium either mail, Slack, Skype… with the beta users.

You can copy the obtained link and can share it using any media of your choice or simply email the beta users directly using the interface. For that just add the email ID and your message(If required) and click send.

5. View and analyze the feedback

  • Open the project and select ‘Comments’ from the project menu bar on the left.

  • Review all incoming Feedback

Go through all the comments one by one and decide on further action for each one of them.

Make the actionable items as tasks

  1. Click on the  'Add as task ' corresponding to the comment you need to make a task

2. Click ‘Yes’ to convert.

3. Add a description, set task type, priority, and assign it to the concerned team member.

Reply to questions and remarks

  1. Select the comment you need to reply for and add the reply text on the comment modal.
  2. Click the ‘Reply’ button.

Track/View/Update the Task status

  1. Select the ‘Tasks’ option from the project menu bar on the left.
  2. Select the Task and choose the action to either edit, view or delete the task.

Note: Delete option is available only if you have created the task or you happen to be the project owner

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