How do I integrate zipBoard with JIRA?

Integrate with JIRA project and issues, and instantly add your annotated screenshots and bug reports created in zipBoard 
Using the JIRA integration requires a subscription to zipBoard's Team plan.

Connecting to your JIRA account

To integrate JIRA with zipBoard you need to be a Project Owner in zipBoard and an Administrator in JIRA. 

1. Go to Project settings and click on JIRA icon.

2. There are 2 types of Jira application: Jira cloud and Jira server, and you need to follow a different login process for both.

(i) For Jira cloud, before proceeding, make sure to go to this link and create an API Token for yourself.

Click the ' Create API token' button. The following popup appears.

Give it a Label of your choice and click on ' Create' and Copy the generated token to your clipboard.

Now enter the JIRA URL, JIRA Email and the Token and click 'Connect'.

Jira Cloud
(ii) For Jira server, simply click on Server and enter your Jira URL, Username and Password, then click 'Connect'.

if you get an "Unable to Authenticate error", look here for troubleshooting. 

Mapping your zipBoard project issues to JIRA project

 Once the connection is made, a list of all the projects associated with this JIRA account will load. Now, choose the JIRA Project to which the issues created in zipBoard will correspond to. 

Then Map how you want Bugs and Enhancements in zipBoard to show up in JIRA.

 Enable the integration by clicking on the 'Save' button.

Creating an issue in JIRA from zipBoard

Once you hit save, all issues now created in zipBoard by any of the collaborators will automatically get added to the corresponding JIRA project. And the link of the created JIRA issue will show up in the zipBoard task as well.

Uninstalling the JIRA integration 

To uninstall the JIRA integration from your zipBoard project, simply click on delete in the project settings next to JIRA integration.

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