How Do I Re-authenticate my JIRA Integration

Re-authenticate your zipBoard organization's connection to JIRA so that your projects stay connected.

Re-authenticating your connection to your JIRA account

To re-authenticate your JIRA connection with zipBoard you need to be a Project Owner in zipBoard and an Administrator in JIRA. 

  1. Click to the circular icon in the top right corner that should have the first two letters of your name in it, and click on "Manage Integration"

  1. In the "Manage Integrations" section of your organization, click the "re-authenticate" button in the JIRA display box

Clicking this button will open up a new tab and bring you to a new page where you will be asked to grant zipBoard access to your Atlassian account

  1. In the new page, click the blue "Accept" button at the bottom

This should grant zipBoard access to your Atlassian account and enable the re-authentication 

  1. After you click on "Accept" there should be a loading screen for a few second

Followed by a screen that confirms the success of your re-authentication

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