How to Log Your First Bug from LambdaTest to zipBoard?

Steps to log a bug from LambdaTest to zipBoard:

  1. Log in to LambdaTest and perform any type of testing. In this case, we will go with LambdaTest's screenshot testing feature under the drop-down menu for Visual UI Testing.

zipBoard also provides screenshots and screen recording in-house.

screenshot testing

  1. Select the browsers for which you wish to capture a screenshot of your website and provide the test URL before you hit the Capture button.

screenshot testing url

  1. Wait a few seconds and you will find your full-page screenshots for every configuration you selected.

visual ui testing

  1. Once you have the screenshots ready, click on any screenshot and highlight the bug you wish to report. After you highlight click on the mark as bug button.

mark as bug

  1. A form specific to zipBoard would open up. You will need to fill in the details in this form before you create the issue. Doing so will directly mark a bug in your zipBoard instance.

You can attach the details below with the screenshot:

  • Project
  • Assignee
  • Task Status
  • Task Priority
  • Task Type
  • Task Name
  • Description

create issue

Every detail you provide at LambdaTest will automatically be reflected in the zipBoard task.

Note: After you click on “Create Bug”, you will be able to observe it being successfully marked through a single click effort. You will get prompt messages on top of your Virtual Machine indicating the progress of bug logging. After few seconds you will be notified with a prompt message “Bug successfully marked” indicating that the screenshot has been pushed to your zipBoard project.

  1. If you visit your respective Project on zipBoard, you will find a new task created under it.

zipboard integration

  1. Open tasks of the Project and you will find the bug marked from LambdaTest with all the information you specified while your performed cross-browser testing.

zipboard integration task

  1. Click on the task and you can also find the URL to the screenshot you highlighted at LambdaTest along with the test environment details.

zipboard integration demo

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