How to Review and Collaborate on Video Projects

You can review video files using zipBoard and also invite team members to collaborate. It’s easy to add video files on the zipBoard App and review them directly without having to worry about installing any other third-party apps or leaving the application while in the project. Video projects are widely used in a large number of industries and have proved to be the most efficient way of conveying information, below are a few simple steps for reviewing video projects while collaborating with other stakeholders:

1) Log in to the zipBoard app using your credentials

You can log in to the zipBoard app which will redirect you to the project’s dashboard.

2) Create a new project or select an existing one.

Once you have logged in successfully, you will have the option to create a new project or select an existing one as per your needs and requirements.

3) Click on the "Add Content"

4) Upload the required video file and start reviewing

Click on the add button on the top right corner of your screen and select the required video file from your local drive, upload the video file which will then be ready for review. Click on the start review button which appears on your screen once the required video file is uploaded.

You can use zipBoard's annotation tools to manage feedback and comments on multiple content types - videos, images, mp3, HTML zipped files and courses, websites. 

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Reviewing and Collaborating

Now that we are done with the initial steps of adding video files and starting reviewing, let’s go through each review feature and collaboration tools separately.

Once we are inside the review board, you have options to:

1) Use annotation tools like ⇧ Select, 💬 Comment, 🖉 Pencil, ↗ Arrow, ▭ Rectangle, ⊟ Eraser as per your needs and convenience on any part of the video by simply using the play/pause ⏵button located on the top and bottom of the screen for annotating the specific video part for review.

2) Use the annotation tools mentioned above for reviewing the video project and assigning them as tasks to other stakeholders.

3) You can also share your reviews with others using the share button on the top right corner of the review board.

a) Guest Collaborators: You can share your review board of the video project with guest collaborators after selecting options like enable/disable require signup/login, review all board/reviews and add new board/reviews, you can also copy/paste the sharing link or share via email.

b) Collaborators: You can share your review board with internal collaborators who are already added to your project as collaborators by clicking on the required name and email and notifying them about the collaboration via email simply share the collaboration link

c) You can also view the shared link status on the sharing dialogue box.

4) Other than the tools mentioned above, the review board has other features such as full-screen option, and review summary widget on the top section along with the annotation tools for a list view of all the reviews, task summary widget for viewing all the tasks in a Kanban board and finally the info widget which gives the video project details like upload details, file name, file resolution, creator details, etc.

Here's a short video demonstrating the video review process:

You can also check out this article on getting feedback on videos for additional details.

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