How to work with Microsoft teams app with zipBoard integrated in it?

Why ZipBoard with teams app?

  • All your team can work together in zipBoard.
  • Easy to track the issues for your project
  • clients and developers can share feedback and convert them to task

How to integrate

You can set up the app with just following simple steps. 

Within Microsoft Teams, click on the channel you want to add zipBoard app. Then, click to add a new tab to the channel and choose zipBaord from the list. 

2. Enter link to zipBoard account and click connect3. Log in with your zipBoard account and select project and click save

Once you’re redirected back to Teams, your tab will appear in the channel. 

Some important points to note:

1. Clicking on File review it redirects you to explorer

2. Import CSV and Download CSV will not be available in teams

3. An administrator may need to enable external apps in Microsoft Teams for zipBoard to appear.

4. Each user of Microsoft Teams will need to have an zipBoard account in order to see the insights in Teams.

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