What is the Message Feature in zipBoard?

The message feature in zipBoard is a way to communicate with collaborators, and clients (only for Enterprise plan).

  1. Select the project

2. Go to 'Messages' from the dashboard --> click on 'Add message'

3. Message modal will open, here you can add a message

  1. Add message for collaborators: This will add message only for collaborators
  2. Add message for clients & collaborators: This will add a message for clients and collaborators 
  3. Title: You can title/subject of the message here
  4. Message body: You can add a message here
  5. Attach Screens: You can add screens from this project to the message

6. Attach Review board: You can attach review board from this project to message

  1. Save: Save the message to add to collaborators/ clients& collaborators
  2. Cancel: To cancel the message
  3. Font weight controls: you can use the font-weight controls for the message body

Once added message can be seen by all collaborators in the selected project. if you select clients and collaborators, all the clients and collaborators can see the added messages when they log into their zipBoard account.

Notification is seen on the messages when new message is added.

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